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September 25, 2016
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Update on membership and coinpayment deposit
News Date : May 05, 2017 16:18:51
Greetings TTI Family,
Informing you all that we have extended the last day to buy your membership to continue earning from your active ad packs to Sunday..So you have 2 more days to upgrade & i'll try my best to clear all pending withdrawals before the given time frame so members who are waiting can use it to upgrade his TTI account..Right now 3rd May withdrawals are being processed.
Also,Coinpayment is working slow today.So,your deposit may take little longer in reflecting to your TTI account & if you're using coinpayment to withdraw too,It might take longer in confirming and reflecting to your wallet as well..!!
That's all for now....Keep Promoting TTI..!!
Thank you & Regards
Important Update Regarding Membership-Must Read
News Date : May 02, 2017 14:13:21

Greetings TTI Family,
Informing you all that as posted before,Membership is available to purchase now.You can buy required membership using option-: Account Activity----> Upgrade your Account.
You can buy membership using cash balance/fresh fund only & membership is compulsory to be eligible for continue earning from active ad packs in each plan separately & to buy new ad packs..!!..Total Maturity for Plan 1,2 & 3 is now 120% instead of 115% as promised & daily earning cap for first 3 plan will be increased shortly..!!..Also,From now Onwards,it'll be compulsory to max-out previous plan before entering to next plan.You're not allowed to buy in any plans directly anymore.!
I would like to remind our membership plan once again--:
1.Regular Membership(Cost $5)--::Required for PLAN 2 & 3 
2.Gold Membership (Cost $10)--: Required for PLAN 4
3.Diamond Membership ( Cost $15)-: Required for PLAN 5
4.Platinum Membership (Cost $20)-: Required for PLAN 6

You'll keep earning from your existing ad packs for the next 3 days & if you don't buy membership in next 3 days,your earnings will stop & it'll resume later once you purchase membership..!!
we'll Review Membership for the Next 2 Months & If necessary,it'll be improved.
I request you all to inform your downline about membership as soon as possible if they are not in our Facebook group yet..!!

Let's GO TTI Family....................................................

Membership and New Ad Pack Details
News Date : April 30, 2017 00:00:00

Happy Sunday TTI Family,
Informing you all that as posted before,we are going to introduce membership fee starting from 1st of May(tomorrow),4 PM IST TIME..!!...$5 MEMBERSHIP FEE will be compulsory for everyone to purchase & participate having ad packs in plan 2 or higher & besides that additional membership plan will be implemented for Plan 4,Plan 5 & Plan 6..!!..Membership plan is designed after completely examining the system to add further stability to TTI..To compensate our small members,we will increase the maturity of first 3 Ad Packs to 120% instead of 115% & daily earnings will be increased as well..!!
We will review membership plan for the next 2 Months & if necessary,it'll be improved..!!..Our Finalized Membership Plan is as---::
1.Regular Membership(Cost $5)--:: Everyone is required to buy this membership to participate in TTI Having Ad Packs in PLAN 2,3,4,5 & 6..THIS MEMBERSHIP IS NOT REQUIRED IF YOU HAVE AD PACKS IN PLAN 1 ONLY..!!
2.Gold Membership (Cost $10)--: Required for PLAN 4
3.Diamond Membership ( Cost $15)-: Required for PLAN 5
4.Platinum Membership (Cost $20)-: Required for PLAN 6

Membership Expiration Count Down Timer will be added in overview section for each membership separately..!..You all are requested to bear & start buying membership from tomorrow 4:00 PM IST onwards to be eligible for revenue earnings..!!
Note--::**Starting from tomorrow,members need to max out previous plan before entering to next one..You can no longer buy ad packs in any plan directly like before..!!
**Membership is MONTHLY & can be bought from CASH BALANCE ONLY.!!
>>Cost $5
>>Can be bought from Fresh Fund Only.
>>Maturity- 120%
>>Max Limit- 100 Packs
>>Daily Earning Cap- 3.5% to Up to 5% 
>>Silver Membership worth $10 needed to Buy This Pack..!!
>>Members will be required to max out plan 1,2 & 3 to participate in this Plan..!!
More Details & Exact timing will be updated shortly in group..We are planning to introduce it anytime second week of May...!!
I request you all to inform your referrals & team members as soon as possible...2-3 emails will be sent as well to inform those members who are not active on social media..!!

Keep Promoting TTI as it's more stable now..!!..

Happy 7th Month Anniversary TTI Family
News Date : April 25, 2017 00:00:00

Greetings TTI Family,
Congratulations to all of us for successfully completing 7 months in this industry today with even a better situation than before..We achieved so many milestone in last few months including approx 22,000 registered members,more than $400,000 Total payouts, $200,000+ Paid as commissions,Alexa Rank below 30,000(only few revenue share have managed to achieve it so far) & we are setting new milestone with each passing days..I have no words to thank our valuable members..I'm deeply thankful to each one of you for your trust & support & assure you even better future with TTI in comings months or years....!!
As promised,all yesterday's withdrawals have already been processed(much faster than our maximum time frame of 72 hours) & we will try our best in coming days to pay our loyal members as fast as possible....Next i will be working hard to improve our support ticket...I request you all to create a NEW SUPPORT TICKET if you need any kind of help...All old pending support tickets will be deleted as most of them don't deserve a reply..!!
We are just 38 members away from hitting 22,000 members mark....Let's Promote Hard Team to smash 22,000 members mark & Celebrate our 7th Anniversary In style.!!

News Date : March 12, 2017 21:17:53

Happy Holi TTI Family,
Congratulations to all of us for achieving another massive milestone today of $200000+ in total payouts,Alexa Rank below 40,000,$129000+ paid as commissions & total registered members crossed 15,600+ as well..Thank you everyone..!!
All pending withdrawals will be paid in next few hours & everything will be back to normal from 2morrow as promised.

Enjoy Holi with your family & those who are close to your hearts with splashing colors! 

Crossed Fifteen Thousand Members
News Date : March 08, 2017 12:54:42

Greetings TTI Family,
Congratulations for achieving the much awaited milestone of 15,000+ Members today....Thank You Everyone.....!!
I'm aware about the ongoing issue with Blockchain transaction & it'll be sorted out soon...I'll resume the withdrawal once i'm sure blockchain is working perfect..I tried to fasten the withdrawal time but blockchain transaction is not in our hands as you all know..!!
So,Be Patient,Enjoy the special moment & Keep Promoting TTI...!!

Important Message For Multi Account Holders and Our Future Planning
News Date : February 17, 2017 18:41:24
Greetings TTI Family,
Congratulations to all of us as we are growing so rapidly now.we are close to 12,000+ members mark now & our Alexa ranking is below 50,000 too & improving day by day.
Thank you all for your awesome support.
In this post i would like to remind those members who are accessing more than 1 account on the name of family members.As per our TOS-"your deposit & ad packs must be higher than your referral who belongs to your family at any time.I'm giving 24 hours ultimatum to all such members to maintain this rule & fund your account immediately if you're still violating this rule otherwise It'll be considered cheating & your account will be blocked permanently.
I'll be updating shortly through video about our new design,Membership plan & few more things that's going to make us even more stable in this industry..!!
Hang Tight and Keep sharing your results & helping us in promotion to build your fortune with TTI.
TTI Admin Team.
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